Moderator Recruitment -- The Fifth Ark


To all Commanders!


We need you!


The Fifth Ark is recruiting Moderators for our team, and are looking for companions who want to help players above everything else.

Our moderators work on multiple platforms such as Facebook and Discord, and we are looking for responsible and strong commanders to patrol Facebook and Discord!


Apply here:

Application Form



• At least above 21 years old

• Confident English in written form

• Capable of writing and reading another language besides English

• Good at problem-solving such as troubleshooting

• Teamwork

• Good game knowledge

• Flexible working times

• Committed to a long term engagement within the game and team

• Polite and diplomatic attitude

• Confident with using Discord and Facebook



o Experience as moderator/dev

o Experience with Facelift or similar centralized mailbox applications.

o Experience with using or creating Discord (or Reddit) bots

o Media related skills such as proficiency in Photoshop and/or other graphical programs.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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